About StopTheJNF

StopTheJNF is an international campaign aimed at ending the role of the Jewish National
Fund’s (JNF) role in the ethnic cleansing and dispossession of the Palestinian people.

StopTheJNF South Africa was founded by a group of concerned Jewish South Africans committed to justice and rights for the Palestinian people and Jewish Israelis.

Successful StopTheJNF campaigns
– The JNF has been consistently condemned by progressive Jews and Israelis who are opposed to Israel’s racist policies (including Professors Ilan Pappe and Uri Davis) and other justice-loving peoples.

-In 2010 the JNF tried to associate itself with Greenpeace. This backfired. Greenpeace (South Africa) responded saying that the JNF claims: “misrepresents any linkages between … Greenpeace, as there is no formal linkage between the organisations.

”- Human Rights workers in the United States (US) have launched an application with the US Internal Revenue Services to immediately investigate and revoke the JNF’s charity status. They contest: “the JNF funds activities that are both contrary to the public policy of the United States and inconsistent with activities of a charitable or environmental organization.”-

Friends of the Earth (FoE) in Scotland fully endorsed the StopTheJNF campaign.

– The legendary folksinger, Pete Seeger has publicly distanced himself from the JNF.

– British Prime Minister, David Cameron, withdrew his patron status from the JNF.

– This was followed by the Scottish Green Party’s rejection of the JNF’s claims of being a “green” organization.

– Canadian students protested against the JNF at Carleton University, similar protests against the JNF followed in Berlin and other cities

– JNF UK, it was reported in October 2012, has suffered a massive drop in donations, with voluntary income plummeting by more than half from 2010 to 2011, due to active StopTheJNF campaigning.

– In January 2013, a South African leading toy retailer, Reggies, ended its relationship with the JNF after nationwide protests.

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